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Had to share this photo of my niece Annabella that Mike took this weekend. We got her a new bumbo chair and I was demonstrating how it can go anywhere. As soon as I plopped her on the table in my parent’s living room & got a prop of course we had to snap a pic. Isn’t she the cutest!

I want one! 

Even though the gift giving is over for the time being, I wanted to share this fun DIY craft that we put together for some babies in our life.

Mike & I made ‘family flashcards’ for two of the babies in our life. McKenzie, Mike’s Niece lives down in Santa Barbara and we don’t get to see her enough, she is 16 months and starting to memorize the name of those nearest and dearest. To help her in putting our faces to names & since she lives so far away, we made her a collection of flashcards with the names and faces of her cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It was really fun to see her try to read them and match the faces on the cards with the people in the room.

For my 11 month old cousin Arturo we made him a set of flashcards of most of our family in Portland that he sees on a weekly basis. He was more into biting on the cards, lucky we laminated & gave them rounded corners, than saying the names but he was off to a good start recognizing the faces and babbling.

This was a pretty simple project and just required family photos & a laminator. It is a great birthday present for any baby or toddler in your life & a real hit with the parents!

Below are some pics of Arturo playing with his cards.