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April is my birthday month and was a huge month at work. I kicked off the month with my 29th Birthday at PQN with lots of really good friends.

By the middle of the month I was headed to the East Coast for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in DC. On the way I stopped in on Emi & Steve in Brooklyn and had a great weekend with them.

On to DC where I had a delicious dinner with  my Cousin Alma at The Pig and then got to work for the next 9 days to document the first Nike Women’s Half Marathon DC. I got to see the sites during our photoshoots and even got to run & pr for my second half marathon. My last night and day in DC was spent with my work wives (the men above) celebrating a great event & the success of our campaign followed the next day with site seeing before take off.

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On the Saturday that I arrived in Brooklyn, Emi and I walked to Smith Street to check out some shoes. Emi was on the hunt for some non-mom looking clogs. It is somewhat of an urban legend that Smith Street holds the keys to the clogs of your dreams. After a few good leads we ended up at Refinery, a small storefront loaded with dresses, jewelry, trinkets for your home and Sven clogs.

Not only did this place have the clogs we were looking for but they come in an array of styles and rainbow of colors. You simply choose the style you desire and then choose a color from their collection, write a check and then come back in two weeks to pick up the clogs of your dreams. It really is that easy!

In addition Emi & I were surprised to see the beloved Saltwater Sandals of our childhood featured prominently in the center of the store- what goes around comes around I guess.

On Friday night I hopped on a plane to JFK. I arrived at 6:30am and quickly took a cab over to my best friend Emily’s apartment on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn. After a little nap we were on our way to enjoy the sights and sounds of Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy the pics from my iPhone.

Prospect Park


Busy bees, can you see them?

Emi & Ly in a flower patch at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Peter Cottontail

Welcome home…

My weekend in Brooklyn was in advance of three days in Manhattan for work. It was a great trip, I can’t wait to return and have lots more fotos to share in the next few days.

Best friends Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY September 2010

Aren’t best friends great? Emily and I go way back, like 25 years. I wish we didn’t live on opposite coasts.