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Better late than never… Feb in review:

  • A beautiful snowy long weekend!
  • Lots of quality time with Annabella, my favorite girl ever.
  • A visit from my college girlfriends: fine dining & a make up tutorial
  • A team snowboarding adventure at work.
  • Finally used our Pizza Maker- it is a complete life changer!




January where did you come from and where did you go? 
Highlights include:

  • a trip to the coast to visit Mitch & Ken
  • accomplishing quite a few home projects
  • the super rewarding task of making our house a home 

October was absolutely beautiful this year. At least 4 times a week I would step outside, be greeted by sunshine, smile and think to myself ‘this is the most beautiful day ever’!

Now it is November and it has rained every day since… On the upside the holidays are coming really fast and this weather begs for us to be cozy inside with good food and good company. So it is a fair trade off.

Some highlights from the month include:

  • Travel to SF with my work wives for the 10th Nike Women’s Marathon.
  • Nerding out with Google glass & resident beautiful nerd Ashley
  • Discovering the awesome cuisine of Carte Blanche- new favorite cart which happens to be 4 doors down from our new house. The flavors will truly impress you.
  • Hitting up my little brother and sister’s last regular season XC meet- Dita killed it this year- 9th at state!!!
  • Pumpkin patching with my niece Annabella.
  • A Friday night dedicated to really really good drinks & hospitality at the Woodsman Tavern.
  • Halloween!!! I was a Goth Mermaid.

September truly flew by! It was not a great one for photos, but it was jam packed, again, with work travel that had me hitting Santa Barbara, Seattle, New York and LA. I am home for most of the month and have a few September highlights to share:

  • We bought a house in our favorite neighborhood! 
  • Wrapped another shoot in Santa Barbara with our crew.
  • Seahawks v 49-ers Game at Century Link field with thunder & lightening too.
  • Lots of good meals in NYC, Venice & Santa Barbara.
  • And of course DISNEYLAND- see previous post.

Photo credit: my cousin Anni who came with us the night we got the keys to the house.

August was legit. Mike and I got hitched on my uncle’s farm at our own perfect little hippie inspired fiesta. See more pics here:

In addition to getting married I had a two week stay-cation which was super duper nice. Once my two weeks were up I was thrown into two weeks of photo and video shooting with Mike’s agency so we got a quasi-honeymoon with our favorite work friends in NYC, Austin & LA.

Now it is September and I am already layering up in boots, chambray and vests to disguise my summer dresses.

editor’s note: you can see our wedding photos here:

Some might think that Baron photobombed lots of the photos from our wedding the other weekend. But in reality we were so happy that he was such an active participant in our big day. Fortunately we are blessed with such a handsome little guy.

A busy month of June. Highlights include:

  • a trip to Bend with my family for a super fun wedding
  • a silly bachelorette dinner and night out with college friends in Seattle
  • my sister’s 18th birthday with a delicious homemade birthday cake
  • 'real life' pinterest and Mike calls it and adventure with AirBnB
  • beautiful summer weather and front porch hang outs with friends and family
  • chalk art with my family
  • two more weddings that acted like mini HS reunions for Mike & I

March 2013 highlights include:

  1. A little Annabella and Lu playdate
  2. Bridesmaid shopping at Urban Outfitters
  3. Suit shopping with Mike- we found a winner!
  4. A super fun night out with friends for HAPPY MICHAEL st PATRICK MCGRATH DAY
  5. Beautifully dyed Easter eggs at my ma’s house
  6. Easter weekend spent at Trout Lake

Every now and again I like to plug my other tumblr: sangriadiaries. Check out my latest post from this weekend & peek around some additional sangria stories, recipes and more!

Yesterday afternoon Mike and I biked in the sunshine over to Por Que No on Mississippi- just in time for their happy hour.  $4 sangria tacos and guacamole were had. The one thing I love about the sangria at PQN… lots of fruit. Just yesterday they began rotating in their sangria blanca for summer- updated recipe with apricot nectar, will have to try.

Sunday at the court with the guys.

Today marks the beginning of the summer season. I AM SO READY for the warm weather. Today’s high is in the 80’s. Bring on the heat, watermelon, carne asada, pie, long weekends, flip-flops, ice cream trucks, neighborhood parades, family time, outdoor movies, zoo concerts, swimsuits, sun roofs, sun dresses, sun screen & sun kissed skin.

Decided to make a little vid on an evening walk with B around the neighborhood, summer is almost here! I can feel it, highs in the 70’s today and tomorrow.

Last night I went to Grüner for a work dinner with some new friends from InStyle and People. Grüner focuses on Central European dishes with a PNW edge. We ordered spãtzle, trout, schnitzel and the like. But my absolute favorites of the night were the pretzel and the donuts with raspberry filling! Want, want, want!

All week the people of Portland had snow on the mind. Our weathermen and weatherwomen could not stop talking about it.

Three to seven inches were predicted and sure enough school was canceled Thursday. We got our snow, early Thursday morning a whopping 1.5 inches of snow covered the valley floor.

The snow was not worth all the hype, it wasn’t even cold outside. But it sure was pretty. B and I had enough time in the morning to enjoy a winter walk in the morning with Mike and it was good we did, the snow was all gone by the afternoon.