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want these botas.

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Seven days straight now in these. Funny to think I left them in the box for a month cause I wasn’t sure about them. #shoes #feet #mystyle #booties

New booties! Fifth straight day on my feet. That’s a first! #shoes #brick #snow Sosie by @ninewest

For the love of Jeffrey!

Recent trips to Nordstrom and afternoons on Pinterest have affirmed my love for Jeffrey Campbell. His flats for fall are fun and feisty- I have decided to showcase my top faves today on Tumblr. The Lion and Bengal flats might show up in my closet later this season.

Happy shoe shopping! 

These just arrived! My new @targetstyle #theshops #thewebster captoe wedges #shoes (Taken with instagram)

My weekend project: #DIY #shoes #flats #captoe #howto (Taken with instagram)

I am back to work today after over a week off & decided to put a little purr in my step with these new flats I picked up last month. I have been wanting and searching for a pair of leopard flats and these ones were right on the money. I look forward to wearing them year round, starting today in our cold 29 degree weather.

Check them out here.

Weather has turned to the rainy and windy here in p-town… Just 4 days ago it was 90 degrees and I was sitting by a pool. But this weather does have its upside, shopping for fall footwear. The Frye ‘Lucy’ Boot is just what I am after!

On the Saturday that I arrived in Brooklyn, Emi and I walked to Smith Street to check out some shoes. Emi was on the hunt for some non-mom looking clogs. It is somewhat of an urban legend that Smith Street holds the keys to the clogs of your dreams. After a few good leads we ended up at Refinery, a small storefront loaded with dresses, jewelry, trinkets for your home and Sven clogs.

Not only did this place have the clogs we were looking for but they come in an array of styles and rainbow of colors. You simply choose the style you desire and then choose a color from their collection, write a check and then come back in two weeks to pick up the clogs of your dreams. It really is that easy!

In addition Emi & I were surprised to see the beloved Saltwater Sandals of our childhood featured prominently in the center of the store- what goes around comes around I guess.

That spring is here! Today’s forecast calls for clear skies and temps in the low 70’s. For a Portlander that is heaven on earth. No doubt we will be seeing sun bathing in the Park Blocks, dresses, sandals, sunglasses and skin along with a lot of outdoor dining. A bike ride or walk to dinner sounds perfect for tonight.

The weather is a welcome reminder that sure enough the rain will end and that Summer is right around the corner. Inspired by the weather I have been thinking about what sandals I would like to add to my Summer shoe collection. I have touched on Swedish Hasbeens before, and am very happy with the pair I secured on ebay last Fall. I think they would be the perfect pair for Summer fun, a few of the styles remind me of the Saltwater Sandals I got every summer as a child. The above collection contains my initial search, I will do some more research and find the perfect pair, until then I will do my best to enjoy the sunshine today, lunch outside is a must!

Converse ♥ Marimekko: I recently discovered the above kicks from Converse. I love the simplicity yet edginess of the designs. I need to decide which ones I want for my feet. Check out the vid and learn about the latest Converse collaboration.

This weekend marks my 27th birthday. One of the items on my birthday wish list this year is a pair of two tone flats. I have rounded up a few online options, and I am looking forward to doing some in store research to find the perfect pair. The above cuties are from MariasUSA and retail on their site for $64. Other favorites include:

The Air Olivia Woven Cap Toe, available at Cole Haan for $228. These look classy and comfy.

The Tipsy from Kate Spade , available for $198. I am digging the fun Spring colors on these.

And finally these from Gap , $49. Sadly these came out in January and I can’t find them online, I will have to check the bargain bins of my local Gap store. Wish me luck!

In honor of today’s BCS National Championship game I was going to wear my brand new Oregon Green Hunter Wellington boots. After looking at the weather forecast I decided I don’t want to be one of those people that wears rain boots when it isn’t raining. Instead I decided on just my Oregon t-shirt. 

But back to the boots, over the weekend I visited Nordy’s with my friend Kelly and scored deals on two pairs of shoes in the kids section. I knew I could fit into the kids Ugg’s, so I had a pair on hold for me. Not only do I get a better fit in the children’s section but I save a pretty penny or $5,000. Same goes for the Hunter’s, my intention wasn’t to pick up a pair of rain boots, but after trying them on and hearing the price difference, how could I not! 

In case you were wondering if I have elfish feet, I do not. I wear between a ladies size 6.5 & 7, but can fit into the children’s size 4. The children’s sizes run from 1-7 and sizes 4, 5 & 6 are equivalent to ladies sizes 6.5, 7.5 & 8.5.

That is my weekend bargain recap. In the words of the best football team out there WIN THE DAY!

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Swedish Research:

As I posted before I am on the hunt for a pair of swedish hasbeens, at a bit of a discount. My latest research on ebay has guided me to the above cuties that are promising.

The cheapest ones ($20.60) are vintage, a great price point and really fun. Sadly they are a size and a half too big.

These ones are $145 and might be a half size too big, the description says size 6.5-7, and aren’t my preferred color (navy) but still very promising and at almost a $100 discount. 

The perfect pair right now is the correct size, but black, and listed at $206. Which is only a $32 discount. I think I will continue my research and report back. Any leads?