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March 2013 highlights include:

  1. A little Annabella and Lu playdate
  2. Bridesmaid shopping at Urban Outfitters
  3. Suit shopping with Mike- we found a winner!
  4. A super fun night out with friends for HAPPY MICHAEL st PATRICK MCGRATH DAY
  5. Beautifully dyed Easter eggs at my ma’s house
  6. Easter weekend spent at Trout Lake
Birthday wishes for me by me. My birthday is early next month. For Lent this year I have given up shopping- for myself. So this has allowed me to add lots of good things to my wishlist on pinterest. 

Birthday wishes for me by me. My birthday is early next month. For Lent this year I have given up shopping- for myself. So this has allowed me to add lots of good things to my wishlist on pinterest

What have you been pinning lately? Here are some of my latest & greatest.

A Goyard bag & polka dot wallpaper & blue office are some of my recent favorites.

My love affair for little miss Sally Draper is evident. This video of actress Kiernan Shipka is adorable- she is a real life Benjamin Button of sorts. How could you not want to be her friend? 

She speaks to fashion, work and life in a much more mature manner than anyone I know. She has me just a little creeped out though- her rapport with the awkward 30-something British host might be the most interesting part. I can’t quite tell who the weirdo is.

Additionally, for good measure my photo with her last April at the Lucky Magazine FABB event. She was so gracious and put my 28 year old self at ease in the light of her miniature star status.

I have been participating, for the most part in @hilaryrushford's daily style challenges, via #stylemejuly. It is my favorite photo challenge so far! Here are my days so far this July. Today's challenge is 'sunglasses'. So get out your sunnies and instagram them with #stylemejuly to participate.

Some of my latest & favorite pins via pinterest. Top 3 of the 9 below have to be the Ikat bedspread & bedroom, no. 6 clogs & that jam packed glass of sangria. 

Very much looking forward to shopping The Shops at Target. Wish me luck in collecting my favorites. My top shop is shaping up to be: The Webster from Miami.

shorts pls!

(via luckymag)

black & white with a dash of leopard.

find me on pinterest.

I sure have, these are some recent favorites.

find me on pinterest.

I made it! I am finally on Pinterest! Just yesterday I responded to the invite I got back in February and have been happily pinning ever since! I think this is my new place to shop on the internet, so far so good.

Check me out and follow me & I’ll follow you too.

On the Saturday that I arrived in Brooklyn, Emi and I walked to Smith Street to check out some shoes. Emi was on the hunt for some non-mom looking clogs. It is somewhat of an urban legend that Smith Street holds the keys to the clogs of your dreams. After a few good leads we ended up at Refinery, a small storefront loaded with dresses, jewelry, trinkets for your home and Sven clogs.

Not only did this place have the clogs we were looking for but they come in an array of styles and rainbow of colors. You simply choose the style you desire and then choose a color from their collection, write a check and then come back in two weeks to pick up the clogs of your dreams. It really is that easy!

In addition Emi & I were surprised to see the beloved Saltwater Sandals of our childhood featured prominently in the center of the store- what goes around comes around I guess.


While in NYC I saw this bag walk by. Fortunately for me the bag walked right into the event I was attending… what are the chances. I immediately struck up a convo with the gal and asked her the details on the bag- she told me it was a bag by Thursday Friday Together & said “why not, if you can’t afford the real thing”! It didn’t take me too long to jump on my iPad and research the bag- I found them for just around $50 and am looking for the right excuse to pick one up. What do you think?

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