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A busy month of June. Highlights include:

  • a trip to Bend with my family for a super fun wedding
  • a silly bachelorette dinner and night out with college friends in Seattle
  • my sister’s 18th birthday with a delicious homemade birthday cake
  • 'real life' pinterest and Mike calls it and adventure with AirBnB
  • beautiful summer weather and front porch hang outs with friends and family
  • chalk art with my family
  • two more weddings that acted like mini HS reunions for Mike & I

This is what summer 2012 has looked like so far via instagram. We are only a week in & the rain is still here. Looking forward to the official summer 2012 kickoff next week after the 4th of July!

Blue skies, a golf outing, watermelon, jarritos & a sun dress paired with a big hat.

On the Saturday that I arrived in Brooklyn, Emi and I walked to Smith Street to check out some shoes. Emi was on the hunt for some non-mom looking clogs. It is somewhat of an urban legend that Smith Street holds the keys to the clogs of your dreams. After a few good leads we ended up at Refinery, a small storefront loaded with dresses, jewelry, trinkets for your home and Sven clogs.

Not only did this place have the clogs we were looking for but they come in an array of styles and rainbow of colors. You simply choose the style you desire and then choose a color from their collection, write a check and then come back in two weeks to pick up the clogs of your dreams. It really is that easy!

In addition Emi & I were surprised to see the beloved Saltwater Sandals of our childhood featured prominently in the center of the store- what goes around comes around I guess.

While in NYC last week Emi & ventured for a walk on The Highline. A walkway featuring plants and lounge furniture that sits two stories above the city. The path is an abandoned L train platform that has been re imagined as an unexpected urban oasis.

Today marks the beginning of the summer season. I AM SO READY for the warm weather. Today’s high is in the 80’s. Bring on the heat, watermelon, carne asada, pie, long weekends, flip-flops, ice cream trucks, neighborhood parades, family time, outdoor movies, zoo concerts, swimsuits, sun roofs, sun dresses, sun screen & sun kissed skin.

My little sister’s 16th birthday is this weekend & along with some sweet new gear I am thinking I will get her concert tix as well. Just yesterday my sister was commenting, or hinting, that she has never been to a real concert. But I have to decide what concert we should go to. My first concert 12 years ago was No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdon Tour, it was awesome.

Here are our two options this summer, both are bound to be loads of fun- lets see what she decides!

Britney & Nicky’s Femme Fatale Tour

Katy Perry’s The California Dreams Tour

Unfortunately RiRI isn’t making a stop in the PNW this summer :( She without a doubt would be on the top of my little sis’ list.

just got featured by luckymag:

Not quite a bike but definitely two wheels & some style. My family vacations in a sleepy town called Sitges, Spain. The walk into the center of town is about a mile on the boardwalk along the Mediterranean. You can often find any member of my family speeding up the trek to town on one of the many scooters we have at the villa. Here I have some ray-bans, a plaid romper & classic converse sneakers.

Editor’s Note: Okay, must make mental note to go to Sitges, Spain.

Want to share your own cycle style? Just leave us a pic in our submissions box or e-mail it to

And a friendly reminder—always wear a helmet!!

My trip to Spain is over and my week on the East Coast with lovely family and friends has come to an end. Summer was great but I am looking forward to the transition to Autumn. Happy new (school) year!

I am so excited! 102 days until I leave for Spain and visit this exact spot in this photo! Pool, beach, pool, sunshine and sangria! Sitges here I come!

Today I decided to wear sandals. Yesterday I got to wear shorts, rightfully so it was 70+ degrees in this beautiful city. I enjoyed tacos, window shopping and walking Baron all in the company of the sunshine, friends and family. This felt like the first weekend of summer, I know a bit early, but welcome none the less. I wore the sandals today so there is no going back, let the summer 2010 begin!